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5/13/24: We have a contractor working to re-route our water main on Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville. Work should be completed the week of May 20th. More Info


Treatment Process

The Kennebec Water District Treatment Plant located at 462 Main St in Vassalboro and was constructed in 1993 to meet the requirements of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

The Kennebec Water District’s Water Treatment Plant draws its source water directly from the West Basin of China Lake. This water is piped into the treatment plant by gravity where a coagulant is added to the water to help remove unwanted tastes and odors and help particles in the source water to clump together. This treated water is then passed through one of three Microfloc upflow clarifiers and one of six mixed media (granular activated carbon & sand), rapid rate filters to remove the particles that are now clumped together. Chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) is then added and a pH adjustment is made as needed to the filtered water as it flows into two 1 million gallon clearwells located onsite. Finally, fluoride is added and the water flows by gravity to the Western Avenue Pump Station in Waterville.

If your group or school is interested in a tour of the Water Treatment Plant please contact the Director of Water Quality at 207-861-4368.