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The KWD business office will be closed Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th. Emergencies can be reported to our answering service at 207-872-2763.


Bulk Water Fill Station

If you need a supply of bulk water, KWD has a bulk fill station located at 131 Drummond Ave in Waterville.  The same safe drinking water delivered to homes and businesses in the Greater Waterville area is also available at our bulk fill station.

KWD’s fill station has 2 and 4-inch fill lines with rates up to 175 and 400 gallons per minute, depending on the hose and adapters used, respectively.  

Water Charge

Water will be sold at KWD’s current water tariff rate.  A water access fee will also be charged (see the Customers section below for access fee amount).

Current water rate per one hundred cubic feet (or 748 gallons):  $2.00 as of 7/1/2023.


Customers can purchase water on an ad-hoc basis for one-time or limited use needs.  Customers can also sign up for open access by signing up as a “Routine Customer.”  See the descriptions below to determine which option best meets your needs.

One-Time/Limited Use Customers

One-time or limited use customers will be charged an access fee for each fill up.  Payment of the access fee and water charge must be made before water is dispensed.  These customers can access the fill station by contacting KWD during normal business hours and scheduling an appointment. 

Drop-in customers must visit KWD’s business office (also at 131 Drummond Avenue) to make payment before going to the bulk fill station.

Customers with an appointment may pay over the phone and meet a KWD attendant at the fill station at the scheduled time. 

After-hour availability for one-time/limited use customers will generally be limited to appointments scheduled during normal business hours.

One-Time/Limited Use Access Fee: $50

Routine Customers

Routine Customers will have an established account, pay a monthly access fee, and have open access to the fill station (during normal business hours).  These customers can establish an account for one or more months.

Routine Customers do not need to schedule an appointment unless they want to access the fill station outside of normal business hours.

Routine Customers are provided with an access PIN and are generally responsible for self-dispensing the water through the fill station kiosk.  Activation of the account PIN may take up to 24 hours after the account is established.

These customers will be billed initially when setting up the account for the first month and then monthly at the start of each month for the monthly access fee and the water usage from the previous month.  If appropriate, the first monthly fee is pro-rated, so all billings are for calendar months. There is no pro-ration of the final monthly fee. 

Failure to pay the monthly invoice by the designated due date may result in the assigned PIN being disabled. 

Routine Customer Monthly Access Fee:  $150


Access to the bulk water fill station can be arranged for almost any time.  However, access outside of normal operations hours must be scheduled ahead of time. Customers accessing the bulk fill station outside of normal business hours will be charged an after-hours fee based upon KWD’s cost to have staff at the facility. 

Routine Customers can drive directly to the fill station and following the operating instruction, enter the assigned access PIN and self-dispense the water. 

For one-time/limited use customers a KWD attendant will operate the fill station kiosk. 

KWD’s operations facility is open to bulk water customers from 6:30 am until 4:30 pm on workdays.  KWD’s business office is open from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm on workdays.  Workdays are generally Monday through Friday except for observed holidays.

Bulk water fills during cold weather months (generally November 1 – April 15th) shall be done by appointment only and may be charged an additional access fee of $50 regardless of the type of customer. 

Fill Connections

KWD’s fill station consists of a 4-inch overhead open pipe with 4-inch drop fill and a 2-inch camlock ‘B’ connection.  KWD has adapters for 2 ½ -inch fire hose thread (NST), ¾-inch garden hose thread, and 2-inch NPSH thread.  Customer shall be billed if any damaged, unremovable, or broken adaptor(s).  Hoses are the responsibility of the customer.


KWD does not provide containers or bulk water transportation.  Please contact a commercial hauler if you also need a bulk container or transportation for the container. 

Sales Tax

Unless the customer has a tax-exempt certificate, all sales will include a 5.5 percent sales tax charge.