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5/13/24: We have a contractor working to re-route our water main on Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville. Work should be completed the week of May 20th. More Info


Prepare for Appointment

Prepare for Your Kennebec Water District Service Appointment

Our customer service technicians are ready to serve you.  Here are some important steps you can take to ensure your appointment is successful. 

  1. Please clear snow and ice from driveways and walkways. 
  2. You must have a person, 18 years old, or older, on-site during the entire service appointment. 
  3. Please make sure KWD technicians have clear walking access to the water meter or the proposed location of the water meter. Additionally, our technicians need adequate room around the meter to use wrenches and other tools to perform their work.
  4. Animals must be restrained or kept in a room away from our technicians. 
  5. KWD technicians cannot enter confined spaces, such as meter pits and crawl spaces. 
  6. Proper stairways must be in place with no missing steps. Ladders are not an acceptable means of access. 
  7. KWD technicians will not access rooms with standing water or uncovered electrical panels due to the risk of shock or electrocution. 
  8. Due to health and safety concerns, our technicians cannot enter locations where they may be exposed to animal or human waste or vermin such as fleas, bedbugs, or lice.   
  9. For a new meter installation, please ensure the existing plumbing work meets KWD specifications for a new service. 

If you are unable to properly prepare ahead of time for your service appointment, please contact the KWD Office at (207)872-2763 to reschedule. If, due to on-site condition, the service work cannot be completed during an initial appointment, you may be charged additional fees for a follow-up visit.  

Typical Installation

A diagram displaying the typical installation of a water meter. A city water pipe enters the home from the street. Water flows through a valve, meter, backflow preventer, and into the house. Wiring from the  meter is run to the exterior of the home allowing it to be read at any time by KWD staff.