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Lake Level Info

Disclaimer: Lake level reading comes from automated equipment that is subject to communications or calibration issues. We do our best to keep the equipment accurate but cannot guarantee its accuracy.

Daily Lake Level Reading

Date: 2024-06-23
Time: 15:27
Lake Level (ft): 171.4

Historical Data

Lake Level Order

The water level of China Lake is regulated by a Lake Level Order, as defined by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and is controlled using the Outlet Stream Dam, located in, and managed by the Town of Vassalboro. Lake level orders very widely between lakes but generally define the maximum and minimum water level during specific times of year. The China Lake Level Order was originated in 1984 but was most recently updated in 2014. You can view the most recent China Lake Level Order here.

The most recent iteration of the China Lake Level Order defines the water level in relation to the reference point of the “top of the spillway” of the Outlet Stream Dam. For consistency of data, KWD decided to use a datum defining the top of the Outlet Stream Dam spillway as 171.5’. All the data displayed below utilizes this datum.