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Work is set to begin on the Pleasant Street Area Water Main Improvements Project on April 1st | New job opening for Distribution Technician (1, 2, or 3) has been posted More Info


Waterville Downtown Project

Information Gathering (7/3/2019)

  • Wright-Pierce, a Maine based engineering firm, has been hired by KWD to develop the design for the downtown Waterville water main replacement project. Engineers and other staff from Wright-Pierce are currently gathering information from the City of Waterville, property owners, and other utilities – sewer, gas, electric, phone, about infrastructure in the street and other existing conditions. Wright-Pierce will also be using ground penetrating radar and test borings to identify other buried obstacles that need to be considered when designing this important project. At the Open House held on June 27, 2019, Wright-Pierce and KWD staff met with property owners with property along the project route, to gather contact information so plumbing inspections in basements could be conducted. If you were unable to attend the Open House, and you own property along the project route, please send your contact information to or by calling Dustin Lacombe with Wright-Pierce at 207-798-3716. An informational flyer was handed out at the Open House and can be found below.

KWD Open House Handout

KWD is thankful to the City of Waterville, Colby College and the Maine Department of Transportation for the opportunity to partner together on the Open House.The Kennebec Water District (KWD) is planning for a significant water main replacement project in downtown Waterville in 2020.  KWD’s goal is to complete most of the water main replacement work before the other downtown Waterville revitalization work is started.  KWD is partnering with the City of Waterville and the Maine Department of Transportation to hold an Open House on June 26, 2019 from 4 to 6 pm to provide information to interested parties.  Details of the Open House can be found on the City of Waterville’s website at:

See the following image to see the affected areas:

If you own, lease, or rent property within the project area, we strongly encourage you to attend this open house. If you are unable to attend the open house and want additional information, please contact Roger Crouse, KWD General Manager, at 207-872-2763 or